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Supply Planning & Management

Omnics optimizes supply, inventory and capacity to improve product availability, lower cost and enable faster responsiveness to market changes.

Today's supply planning is a spreadsheet chaos. It relies heavily on labor-intensive data aggregation and cleaning, manual analysis, and personal judgement. Ultimately, too much time and money wasted for sub-optimal business results. Omnics platform fuses operational data from disparate sources into a unified planning data model and algorithmically processes inputs to provide optimal supply plans and decision support.​

With Omnics, you can gain up to:


Reduction in inventory


Supply Chain Cost Savings


Product Availability


Planning efficiency
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Functional teams work on 'single version of truth' on the Omnics platform vs. multiple versions of spreadsheets.

Abstract Background


Data retrieval, processing

and reporting is automated to eliminate manual, error-prone and non-value add work.



Historical data is harvested and forward-looking trends provide insights for optimal decisions going forward.



Multi-enterprise visibility and automated analytics engine with scalable architecture to handle Big Data.

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It is not what you negotiate with your suppliers but what you plan and manage that defines success or failure.

Key Solution Features

Planning Levels
  • Top-Level to full BOM supply planning

  • Constraints modeling

  • PO optimization and automation

  • Clear-to-Build (CTB)

  • Available-to-Promise (ATP)

  • Capable-to-promise (CTP)

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Planning Engines
  • Simulation, heuristics-based, rule-based, optimization algorithms

  • What-if scenario analysis

  • Inventory optimization

  • Custom logic/algorithms

Enterprise-wide integration icon_blue_2png.png
Unified Data Model
  • Multi-dimensional data modeling with flexible data hierarchies

  • Automated data retrieval and processing

  • Integration with all ERP suites, PLM and other data sources

KPI Icon_grey and blue.png
KPIs and Analytics
  • Automated analytics engine

  • Scalable architecture to handle Big Data

  • Standard and/or custom KPIs

  • Automated reporting and trend analysis

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Integrated with S&OP
  • Demand-Supply Synchronization

  • What-if scenario planning and analysis

  • Optimization and Simulations of demand-supply plans

  • Works with existing or greenfield S&OP process

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