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Sales & Operations Planning and Execution

A well-executed S&OP process can go a long way to help organizations rein in complexity. Supporting the process with Omnics further improves productivity and profitability. 

S&OP is a consensus-based, data-driven process that provides collaborative execution within your organization and across your supply chain partners, increases supply chain visibility and provides fastest response to demand-supply plan changes. Omnics proven methodology delivers a robust S&OP process enabled by our software platform for efficient and repeatable execution.

Why implement S&OP?

Business Meeting


Collaboration within the organization and alignment with its supply chain partners

Container Yard


Increased visibility across the supply chain and execution functions

Light Trail


Faster response to disruptions and changes in the supply chain

Before we had S&OP in the Company, I spent a lot of time turning knobs that weren't connected to anything.

Key Solution Features

workflow icon_blue.png

Standard and configurable workflows

Algorithm icon.png
Planning Engines

Simulation, heuristics-based, rule-based, optimization algorithms​.

Enterprise-wide integration icon_blue_2png.png
Unified Data Model

Multi-dimensional data modeling with flexible data hierarchies. Integration with all ERP suites and other data sources

KPI Icon_grey and blue.png
KPIs and Analytics

Automated analytics with

KPI framework and

smart alerts

global analytics icon.png
Integrated Planning

Demand-Supply synchronization

with what-if scenario

planning and analysis

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