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Fastest and smartest way to
what matters in your supply chain

In an industry fraught with complex, costly, multi-year implementations, Omnics offers you simple and rapid solutions at fraction of the cost.
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Applications for all your supply chain planning and execution needs

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  • Multi-level, multi-channel forecasting

  • Demand and inventory planning

  • Statistical or custom forecasting methods

  • Assortment & Promotion Planning

  • Integrated and unified data model

  • Standard and configurable workflows

  • Demand-Supply-Inventory-Finance synchronization

  • What-if scenario planning

  • Top level to full BOM supply planning & MRP

  • Clear-to-Build (CTB)

  • Available-to-promise (ATP)

  • Spend Optimization

E2E Supply Chain Schematic.png
  • Transfer orders optimization

  • Re-routes & shipment modes suggestions

  • Automated analytics engine

  • Standard and/or custom KPIs

  • Smart alerts, reporting and trend analysis

  • Multi-site, multi-SKU inventory planning

  • Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)

Fastest Time-to-Value




Enterprise-wide integration icon_blue_2png.png

~ 4 to 6 weeks

Integration icon_black.png

~ 5 to 6 weeks

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Process and Data Mapping

Collaboratively map the planning processes, data structures and best practices for client’s business.

Integration and Testing

Integrate with data sources through open API and/or custom connectors. Test and validate the application UI and results.

Go-Live and Support

Hypercare through go-live and

beyond. Iterative refinement throughout

the journey .

Fastest Time-to-Value
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