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Demand Planning & Forecasting

Omnics performs robust demand analysis, generates forecasts and drives consensus-based demand plans for your markets, channels, product categories and SKUs, using predictive analytics.
Demand planning and Forecasting requires not only the application of forecasting methods but capturing historical demand data, demand profiling, modeling events/promotions and manual adjustments to drive a consensus-based plan collaborating with your supply chain. Omnics software platform is built with these business requirements in mind and configurable to your current and evolving planning needs.

With Omnics, you can gain up to:


Reduction in inventory


Reduction in stock-outs


Reduction in Forecasting Errors


Planning efficiency
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Functional teams work on 'single version of truth' on the Omnics platform vs. multiple versions of spreadsheets.

Abstract Background


Data retrieval, processing

and reporting is automated to eliminate manual, error-prone and non-value add work.



Historical data is harvested and forward-looking trends provide insights for optimal decisions going forward.



Multi-enterprise visibility and automated analytics engine with scalable architecture to handle Big Data.


The goal is not to predict the future but to tell you what you need to know to take meaningful actions in the present.

Paul Saffo - Consulting Professor at Stanford

University and Technology Forecaster

Key Solution Features

Planning Levels
  • Multi-level, multi-channel forecasting and demand planning

  • What-if scenario planning

  • Demand/Forecast aggregation and disaggregation

  • Assortment Planning

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Forecasting Algorithms
  • Statistical forecasting

  • Causal forecasting

  • Custom logic or algorithm

  • Promotion/Events modeling and analysis

Enterprise-wide integration icon_blue_2png.png
Unified Data Model
  • Data unification across SKU/Channel/    Customers/Regions

  • Multi-dimensional data modeling with flexible data hierarchies

  • Automated data retrieval and processing

KPI Icon_grey and blue.png
KPIs and Analytics
  • Automated analytics engine

  • Scalable architecture to handle Big Data

  • Standard and/or custom KPIs

  • Automated reporting and trend analysis

global analytics icon.png
Closed-loop with Supply Planning
  • Demand-Supply Synchronization

  • What-if scenario planning and analysis

  • Optimization and Simulations of demand plans

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