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Supply Chain and Logistics Network Design & Optimization

Your supply chain & logistics footprint and product flow has, at minimum, 5% to 15% cost saving opportunity.
The only constant in today's supply chains is 'Change'. Supply chains shift due to new business strategies, new markets, inflation, oil prices, trade wars, natural disasters, geo-political risks and the need for resiliency. You need supply chain network modeling and analysis to make the right decision for your business.

Our proven methodology, software tools and 20+ years of experience in designing and optimizing supply chain and logistics networks for Global 500 companies, will help you determine the optimal network and product flow for your business.

Why is network design and optimization needed?

Product Packaging

Minimize your product's total landed cost while maximizing service levels and cash.

Industrial Building

Optimize Supplier, Manufacturing, DC/Warehouse, Returns/Repair site selection using scenario modeling.

Container Ship

Determine the transport modes to minimize freight cost while maximizing service.

Packages on Shelves

Optimize inventory locations and stocking levels for higher service levels and improve cash flows.

Trading Graphs on Computer Monitor

Perform what-if scenario analysis for inflation, geo-political risks, oil prices, natural disasters and more.

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The best supply chains aren’t just fast and cost-effective. They are also agile, adaptable and aligned with all companies’ interests.

The Triple-A Supply Chain, Dr. Hau Lee

Harvard Business Review

Our Proven Methodology

The optimal supply chain network need not be the lowest cost network. The ‘best’ network is determined by analyzing trade-offs between multiple supply chain metrics like cost, service, inventory/cash, carbon footprint, risks and resiliency. The Omnics teams works collaboratively to:


  • Understand your business goals and objectives

  • Identify the current supply chain challenges.

  • Perform a holistic qualitative and quantitative current state data analysis.

  • Define the scope for supply chain modeling, data requirements and scenario analysis. 

Omnics NTOPT_Goals.png

Case Studies

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Supply Chain & Logistics Network Design and Optimization

A leading global consumer electronics company was challenged with higher total product costs, lower inventory turns due to multiple DC locations without service level benefits. Omnics was selected to model and analyze the end-to-end supply chain and determine the best network to minimize total landed costs, and improve service levels while mitigating risks.

  • Optimized supply chain and logistics network provided 8.5% in total landed cost savings.

  • Logistics costs reduced by 16%.

  • DC Network mitigated inventory risks while improving service.

  • Model for continuous and proactive decision-making.

Omnics supply chain modeling and analysis enabled us to make data-driven decisions and optimize our logistics network

for cost, service and inventory.

- Vice President

Global Supply Chain

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