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Omnics launches 'Supply Chain and Logistics Network Design & Optimization' solution Copy

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Your supply chain & logistics footprint has, at minimum, 5% to 15% cost saving opportunity. Omnics helps you model and analyze your supply chain, identify this cost saving opportunity and deliver an agile, adaptable and a resilient supply chain.

[San Diego, CA. 6th February 2024] - Omnics, an AI-powered supply chain data platform, announces the launch of its latest innovation, "Supply Chain and Logistics Network Design & Optimization" solution. The disruptions witnessed over the past few years have underscored the critical need for businesses to rethink their supply chain strategies. The Omnics Network Design & Optimization solution is tailored to address these challenges, offering a strategic framework to enhance supply chain performance, mitigate risks, and ensure operational continuity. It is a comprehensive solution designed to,

  • Minimize the product landed costs while maximizing the service levels and cash.

  • Optimize Supplier, Manufacturing, DC/Warehouse site selection using scenario modeling.

  • Determine the transport modes to minimize freight cost while maximizing service.

  • Optimize inventory locations and stocking levels for higher service levels and improve cash flows.

  • Perform what-if scenario analysis for inflation, geo-political risks, oil prices, natural disasters and more.

"In today's era of dynamic supply chains, changing business strategies, geo-political risks and unexpected disruptions, it is imperative that your supply chains are designed not only for lowest cost but agility, adaptability and resilience. Our proven methodology, software solution and 20+ years of experience in designing and optimizing supply chains for Global 500 companies, will help you navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.", said Akhil Oltikar, CEO of Omnics.

As industries globally look to rebuild and fortify their supply chains, Omnics remains a trusted partner, providing the tools and expertise needed to navigate the challenges of tomorrow.

For more information, please visit: or email:

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