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Meet Omnics 'Axiom', an AI-enabled supply chain and operations data intelligence solution

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For supply chain and operations teams, it is a constant challenge to efficiently and effectively access and process the data they need to manage the business. Omnics Axiom delivers unified data with intelligent insights at lightning speed.

[San Diego, CA. 19th March 2024] - Omnics, an AI-powered supply chain data platform, announces the launch of its latest innovation, Axiom, an AI-enabled supply chain and operations data intelligence solution. For supply chain and operations teams, it is a constant challenge to gather and process data easily and quickly from disparate systems of record. Every day, these teams extract, organize and stitch together heterogenous data from ERP, TMS, WMS, Data Warehouses and dozens of spreadsheets in order to understand what is happening and determine the best course of action for the business. This process is manual, slow, unreliable and stressful, especially in the world of ever increasing data and the need for faster, responsive and resilient supply chains.

Omnics Axiom is the state of the art solution that eliminates this pain and delivers data and operational insights with simplicity and speed. Axiom is based on Omnics' proprietary, market-proven 'Unified Supply Chain Data Model'. Disparate data from transactional systems, inside and outside of your organization's four walls, is unified into a structured, coherent model with supply chain semantics. Omnics AI identifies any incoming data issues, automates data processing and delivers deep insights into your supply chain and operations (no-coding, no-querying needed). Axiom's core capabilities include:

  • Easy integration with any system of record including ERP, Data Warehouse, Spreadsheets, TMS/WMS, MES, PLM, Shopify and more.

  • Unified data model of your end-to-end supply chain.

  • AI-powered data processing and analysis.

  • Visualization using highly configurable charts, smart drill-downs, tables and reports.

  • Sharing and collaboration within your organization and with your supply chain partners.

Omnics Platform Digitizes the Supply Chain Data Loop

"Axiom is a result of our own experiences in supply chain and listening to our Customers. ERPs are clunky, traditional BI tools are generic and not supply chain specific while data warehouses/lakehouses require IT support and maintenance. We built Axiom with a singular focus - deliver data and insights with unmatched simplicity, speed and scale", said Akhil Oltikar, CEO of Omnics.

As companies globally look to build agile, adaptable and resilient supply chains, Omnics remains a trusted partner for them, providing the expertise and software technology needed to navigate current and future challenges.

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