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Driving Supply Chain Excellence Together

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Omnics and Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore announce collaboration to provide best-in-class supply chain solutions to companies in Asia-Pacific.

Omnics is pleased to announce collaboration with the Centre of Innovation for Supply Chain Management (COI-SCM) at Republic Polytechnic in Singapore. COI-SCM helps Singapore-based companies to develop and strengthen their supply chain and logistics capabilities through Process Innovation, Technology Enablement, and Training. COI-SCM and Omnics collaboration brings together over two decades of supply chain and software industry experience, to provide best-in-class solutions to companies in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. Solutions would include supply chain and logistics strategy consulting, business process optimization, supply chain planning and execution software. For more information about COI-SCM Republic Polytechnic, please visit:

Dennis Quek, Director, COI-SCM, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

"We are pleased to collaborate with Omnics in bringing innovative technology and solutions to help companies build and execute world-class supply chain operations"

Akhil Oltikar, CEO, Omnics

"Singapore is the global hub for supply chain and logistics operations and COI-SCM is one of the most reputed organization in this industry. We are honored and excited to work with them and together drive supply chain excellence for the industry"

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